Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love High Speed Internet!!

We finally moved into our new house and love it! I especially love having my internet back! I can download pictures and check my e-mail everyday! Yipee! Since it's been so long, I will just put the best pictures on here. We moved into our house last Wednesday. Ricky took a week of vacation to help with the move and unpacking. It was really nice to spend some time together as a family. Dylan really enjoyed his 'daddy' time!

Here we are in front of our new house! Isn't it pretty!?!? It still doesn't seem real that we own a house, but I'm sure we'll get used to it!

Dylan loves to help me cook all the time! He has turned into such a big helper! (At least he tries!) We have lots of fun making a mess and laughing together. On March 12th, Dylan turned two! Yeah! I made some rice crispy treats for his birthday and put a candle in it for him. He enjoyed singing 'happy birthday' to himself! We went to Chuck E Cheese to play for a while and he finally opened up! He is always so scared of the place! I guess we'll just have to go more often!

He got some horses from Grandma that he absolutely LOVES! We can't go anywhere without them! He likes to line them up in his lap! Such a cutie!Here is Dylan's new fire truck. Grandma and Grandpa got to celebrate his birthday this year since we were living with them. Dylan really enjoyed his time with his grandparents.What a cute family! We went to the Easter egg hunt with some church friends on Saturday. The kids really loved it if you can't tell by their faces! My sister Crystal and her boys got to join us this year. It was lots of fun!
We had a tradition growing up that the Easter bunny would hide candy in the yard, so this year the great grandkids on my mom's side of the family got to find it. They were so cute! Dylan would find a piece and see if anyone was looking and if not, he would try to open it and eat it. Cameron just sat there with a piece of candy in each hand.
And here are almost all of the great grandkids with Great Grandma.

Look at the cute little family! For those of you who don't already know, I am pregnant with a little girl. I am due on July 18th and really looking forward to the new addition. She is very active in my tummy and we can't wait to see her! We hope everyone is doing well, and we will be keeping you more updated now that I have my internet back!