Monday, August 31, 2009

Dylan's first day of school!

Dylan started Joy School today and absolutely loves it! He couldn't stop talking about it! I still can't believe that he's old enough to start school! I wanted to get a cute shot of him on his first actual day of school, but he was being goofy. The shots actually turned out cute! So here are the many different poses of Dylan on his first day of Joy School!

Friday, August 21, 2009

State Fair

We went to the Indiana State Fair yesterday. It was so much fun and the weather cooperated very nicely. I just wish we could have been there a little earlier to see my best friend Mandy. Maybe next time. Dylan loved seeing all of the animals and playing the games. Ricky and I really enjoyed the food! That's the best part of the state fair! We did meet my parents, my sister and her boys, and my brother and his girlfriend and daughter. We enjoyed seeing everyone and spending time together. Here are some of the highlights from the day! Of course Dylan loved the tractors! He is such a boy!

We went to the pig races! It was really neat. I had never seen pigs run that fast before! I tried to get a picture of them the first race, but just got the track after they ran by! It was cool and I think Dylan and Lauren enjoyed it, too!
Other than the tractors, Dylan was most excited to see the cows! He asked all day, "when can I go see the cows at the fair?" Too funny! He enjoyed brushing this one and petting it, too!
He had to pose by this pig. Too funny! They had a little farm set up for kids. Dylan had a great time and learned about how things are done!
Dylan and his cousins. They enjoyed the animals best. Too bad we were all tired and ready to go! Lauren had to get in on the action and pet this horse. It was huge! The horses back was taller than the pin they kept him in! Lauren didn't seem to be bothered by it, though! We always enjoy the fair, and this year was no exception! Thanks for a great time!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pool and more

Last week, we went to the pool with Ricky's niece and nephew. We had a great time with them while they were here! Dylan had a blast on the little dolphin slide. He is so big! Lauren loves the water! She just splashes and laughs. She is tanner than I am! How does that work? Dylan and Tessa were inseparable! They always wanted to ride together. Good thing we had 2 car seats! Dylan is missing her so much already! Lauren is so cute when she wakes up. I was trying to sneak in and get a shot of her sleeping, but she was wide awake when I went into her room! I still got some cute shots!
She likes to stand up in her crib now. Silly girl doesn't know how to sit back down! She will stand up and then start crying. She is pulling herself up all the time. She is getting really good at it! She still only army crawls around, but I'm sure she'll be walking before we know it! Dylan thinks it's funny to crawl like Lauren, so half of the time they are both laying on the floor. Lauren started whole milk since she turned one. She didn't like it at first, but I figured it out! She likes her milk warm! She is only used to drinking breast milk, so it makes since that she would like her milk warm, too!
Dylan loves his little sister! He carries her around on his shoulders and makes her laugh so hard! It is the cutest thing ever! I love the sibling bond!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lauren's Birthday Party!

On Friday, we celebrated Lauren's First Birthday with a fun little party. We only invited family and 2 close friends, and ended up with about 30 people there! It was so much fun and not stressful! Those are the best parties! It was really nice outside, so we spent most of the time outside playing. Look at my big girl! I still can't believe she's one!She likes to climb up the slide!

Of course Ricky wanted to set up the chocolate fountain. It was a big hit, I just didn't want to have to clean it up! The kids loved it!

She was crawling to the back yard. Jaime took this with the border of the door frame. So cute!I love my little sweetie!
I made cupcakes that turned out really cute!
Blow out the candle!Yeah!
First bite! She wasn't sure about it, even though she was pointing at them all day and saying "That!" After her first bite, she loved it!Lauren got a really cute chair (or princess throne) to sit in for opening presents. She kept trying to push herself backwards. Silly girl!She enjoyed opening presents, but was really slow! The kids got antsy, so I let them all help with the last one!
Lauren and her buddy Sean. He is one month younger than Lauren. Too cute! Everyone loved the wagon! Thanks mom! The kids took turns running around the yard for the rest of the night! It was lots of fun!And Lauren loved her sippy cups! She only wanted to hold them all night!
They also enjoyed playing with the bubble blower. It's going to be a fun toy to have around! Thanks for everything! We had a blast and really enjoyed celebrating Lauren's birthday!