Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pacer's game

Thanks to my little sis, we got free tickets to go see a Pacer's game last week. We all had a wonderful time, especially the boys! They loved the cotton candy and the yelling as loud as they wanted! The boys were on a sugar rush and didn't even go to bed until about 11 pm! I think that was the latest Dylan has ever been up! It's always great the next day when he still wakes up at 7:30. Good thing we were at Grandma's! With Ricky gone last week, Dylan and I took a mini-vacation. We stayed at my parent's house for 3 days. Dylan loved getting spoiled by the grandparents, and I had a great time catching up with old friends. Of course the shopping is always fun, too! It was really nice to get away for a few days. Thanks mom!
Dylan and Brayden eating cotton candy!

Me and Dylan at the Pacer's game. I hadn't been to a game since grade school! It was lots of fun!
Crystal and Landon with the balloon hats the boys got.

In our downtime, Dylan loved to jump on my parent's trampoline. He was really scared at first, but then he loved it! He was all over the place and laughed so hard! What a little cutie!
I FINALLY got a picture of my belly! I am 28 weeks yesterday, and feeling really big! It's hard to believe that I am in the third trimester already! Time has flown by! I guess having a 2 year old makes the time go faster! I am feeling really good, other than the occasional swelling of the feet. I hope it doesn't get too hot around here before the baby comes! (I know, I know, I'll keep dreaming!)

We are really loving our house! Other than all the work it takes to get things done! We started painting Dylan's room this week. Hopefully it will be done by next week and we can get Dylan situated into his own bedroom and sleeping schedule! He is still waking up a TON and climbing into bed with us! I will admit that it's sometimes nice to cuddle with him. Ricky gets to mow later today. We got a mower, trimmer, and fertilizer spreader. Who knew there were so many things needed to take care of a lawn?!?! It's really exciting, though.

Ricky turned 25 yesterday! Happy Birthday! He got to take advantage of being a manager for once and took the whole day off! I don't remember the last time he actually got a whole day off of work! It was really nice to get to hang out the whole day! He wanted to go see a movie, so I took him to see '21'. It was pretty good. Then after the movie, we went shopping for his birthday present of a new grill! I am excited about that one! We will have to have people over to enjoy it with us (once we get lawn furniture to sit on!)! It was really fun to be able to spend the whole day together! Dylan wanted daddy to follow him everywhere! He really loves his dad!

Dylan is talking so much! I can't believe how fast he has picked things up! He was saying 4-5 word sentences the other day! Funny story... We were riding home from the store the other day and Ricky started singing to the music on the radio. Dylan all of a sudden says, "Daddy, no singing, OK?" I couldn't help but laugh! Not because Ricky is a bad singer, but because Dylan has such a mind of his own! Where does he come up with these things? We love watching him grow each and every day!

Sorry this is such a long post, but I feel like I had a lot to catch everyone up on! I'm finding it hard to motivate myself some days! Hope everyone is doing great!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bath time fun!

Things are going good around here this week. Dylan and I are surviving a week with no Ricky. We are keeping ourselves busy. I am looking forward to starting Dylan's room next week when Ricky returns. He is at a business conference in Ohio for the week. I wanted to get a pregnancy picture, but it's hard to take one of myself. This is the best I could do!

Dylan loves to take baths, especially in mommy and daddy's big jetted tub. He loves the bubbles, too!

Ricky and Dylan were having so much fun throwing the foam letters at eachother! Dylan didn't even know they were stuck to his head until Ricky took one of them off! They were so funny!

Dylan and I are going to a Pacer's game and then spending the rest of the week with my parent's in Indy, so I'll have a ton of pictures to post when I get back! Have a great week!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

House pictures

I have had a few people ask for pictures of our house, so I decided I should post some. I still haven't gotten back into taking pictures all the time yet. Sorry! This is the living room. We are hoping to get new furnature soon, but we'll see how long it takes!
This is the formal dining room. Yeah right. It's the playroom! See what happens when you have kids!
Here is the kitchen. We are loving the space!
Here is our bedroom. Did you notice the nice dressers on the floor! Gotta love cheap furnature!

We have definately been keeping busy. We are trying to pick out a paint color for Dylan's room so that we can get it started. I found an amazing deal on his "Cars" bedding set from the Disney store, so I'm excited to get

his room put together. He is sleeping on a mattress on the floor right now. Poor boy! Maybe that could explain his unusual sleeping patterns. He has had a really hard time adjusting to our house. He wakes up crying in the middle of the night (around 4) and want to come sleep in mommy and daddy's bed. We tell him that he needs to sleep in his big boy bed, but then he comes crawling into our bed anyway. We are usually too tired to fight it, since he is also waking up at 7am! We are not morning people, so it's really hard for us! We have been taking turns, but it's starting to take it's toll on us! Another problem is that he is fighting bedtime at night. He knows how to open the doors since they are levers and decided that he doesn't want to go to bed at night. We're lucky if he stays in his room after 8:30pm. I guess he is just trying to adapt to the new environment. Hopefully it will get better soon!

Other than sleeping, Dylan is doing great! He is growing up sooo fast! We listen to his cd in the car and he sings along with almost all of the songs! It still amazes me how fast they learn!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I can't believe it's April already! Time sure does fly when you are keeping yourself busy! I am trying to get everything settled in our house, but it seems like I am always finding more to do! We are hoping to get started with painting soon so we can have the nursery done by the time the baby comes! Keep your fingers crossed for us!
This past weekend was my mom's birthday, so Dylan and I got to spend some time with her! It was very relaxing and fun. We went to Edinburg to the outlet mall, so I could get some really cute baby girl clothes! That was fun! Dylan was having too much fun with his cousins and ran into the play table at the store. He got a really fat lip and busted it open. Poor kid! Boys will be boys!
Dylan finally got to open his Christmas present of a train set. He LOVES it! We set it up in the living room, and he plays with it everyday! I'll have to get a picture of him playing with it. It might take me a little while to get used to blogging again!
I need to get a picture of me and my belly. I realized the other day that I don't have any pregnancy pictures this time. How sad! I need Ricky to take them, so I'll try to have him do it tonight! (You might see them next week.) I need to go unpack some more, so I'll write more later!