Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Ricky, Dylan and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! We got to spend Thanksgiving day with Ricky's family and then we spent the weekend with my family. It was nice to see everyone and to play games! The food was great too! I decided to brave Black Friday with some of my friends this year! It was crazy! I've never seen so many crazy people in my life! We went to Kohl's first, then Toy's R Us and then Walmart. I will have to say that I got some great deals! I even got my birthday present! Yeah! You'll have to wait til my birthday to find out what it is! I had fun, but I don't know if I'll do it again next year! Thanks to the girls for inviting me!
Dylan and Noah lounging around on Thanksgiving!
Dylan, Alex, and grandma all sitting together! Dylan wanted to hold the baby! He has been fascinated with babies recently!

Dylan has found a new hobby! He loves to move his toy cart and pull all the movies out of the TV stand. He then takes the movies out of the cases! He thinks he's pretty clever! The things that boys will get into! He is growing like a weed! I still can't believe that he's almost 2! He is such a boy!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Where has this month gone?? I can't believe that November is almost over and Thanksgiving is tomorrow! I guess that tells you that I am keeping myself extremely busy! Last Saturday we had Enrichment for all the women at our church. It was the Super Saturday craft day, and I was helping out. Little did we know that it would take all week to get the projects done! We had a wonderful time bonding while making the starter for the crafts. Thanks to all those who participated and helped out! It was so much fun! I still have to get together with the other leaders to do our crafts next Monday! (we decided to take a week off from each other! j/k)

We definitely have been enjoying the weather around here! It has been up in the 60 and 70's this past week! Who would have thought that our kids could play outside in the middle of November without coats on?!?! We went over to my friend Jaime's house and the boys had a wonderful time playing together. We decided that they are best friends. They are almost the same size, after being so different when they were younger!
Cameron is giving Dylan a hug! Isn't it cute?
They were taking turns driving with the wheel! I still can't believe that they are almost 2!
I thought this was a priceless picture! They both have the same foot in the air as they are walking! How cute! Thanks to Jaime for the pictures! I was holding little Nolan while she was taking the pictures!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Accidents happen!

Dylan has been really spoiled lately! He has seen both sets of grandparents at least once a week! My mom watched Dylan last Saturday so that Ricky and I could look at cars, and when I first saw him, he wanted nothing to do with me! He was clinging to my mom like I was a stranger! I guess my little boy is growing up! (Too fast!!!) He is such a boy! He loves to play with cars and trains! He lines them up and then pushes the back one to make all the other cars move! He is getting really smart, too! He loves to be chased around our kitchen/ living room by daddy. The other day Ricky was turning around to go the other way to try to scare him, and he now turns his head to make sure that you are still following him! He's just to smart for his own good!

We had a weekend of accidents last week! It all started when I was giving Dylan a bath. He started saying "potty" right before he goes to the bathroom. If you can guess what happened next... He looked at me and said "potty" and then pooed in the tub! Luckily Ricky was home to help and I had already washed him off! I had to disinfect the tub and all of his toys while Ricky disinfected him! Then the next morning, Ricky was changing his diaper on our bed and let him roll over to play (without a diaper on)! Next thing we know, Dylan is peeing all over our pillows and duvet! Let's just say we were a little late for church that day! Oh the joys of having children!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We had a wonderful time trunk-or-treating last night! Our church does this so that the kids can stay in one place and see all of their friends dressed up! Ricky has his lab for his class on Wednesdays, so I dressed Dylan up and took him over to the restaurant to see daddy for a little bit. Little did we know that the manager would let him go so he could go trick-or-treating with us! It was great! When we first got to the church, Dylan was walking around saying "hi" to everyone and waving! It was so cute!

Dylan was so excited to see his daddy! Doesn't he make a cute giraffe?

Dylan and mommy out getting some candy! As a last minute costume, I wore Ricky's lab apron over my khakis. I was a server with Dylan's burp cloth hanging out of my pocket!

Dylan and daddy posing for the camera! Since Ricky had just left his lab, he put his chef's coat on for his costume! I thought it was a cute idea!

Grandma and Grandpa Tate came over to the church to see all of the grand kids. Dylan was excited as always to see them!

Dylan loved to take the candy, but he had to have one in each hand! If he already had candy in his hands, he would look for me or throw it. He had to make room for more candy in his little hands! He was so cute saying "treat" as he would walk up to people! Maybe he'll get it better next year! He definitely was polite as he said thank you to everyone! After we finished with the trunk-or-treat, we walked around the neighborhood for a little while. My friend Bobette and her husband and kids joined us, so we had a great time!

I guess we wore Dylan out! It was only about 9 pm, but I guess he had too much fun!
He changed a lot in the past year! I thought this was a cute idea that will have to be one of our family traditions! He gets to pick out a piece of candy to eat with breakfast, too! He was super excited about that! What a little cutie!