Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Still June

Where has this month gone? Time is just flying by so fast. What has been going on? Well, we have been very active this summer, and I'm sure that July will be just the same if not worse. We have been to the Indy Zoo, the Columbian Park Zoo, the pool, the park, visiting with family, and I can't even remember where else. We are definitely having a great summer!

Dylan decided that naps are no longer needed. I feel like I am spending more time fighting him to take the nap than it's worth. Although at this moment, I have all three kids sleeping! This is a very rare occasion, and I don't expect that it will happen again any time soon! I am definitely enjoying the peace and quiet! Dylan is very active and is always looking for something to do. He is starting swim lessons next week to help get some energy out. We go for walks and play games and jump on the trampoline and ride bikes, but he still has more energy! I guess it's just because he's a boy. He is doing better with foods. I finally got him to eat grapes. He said that he likes the gummy center. Whatever works! He loves to play with Lauren, which is good until Lauren decides that she wants to be left alone. For the most part, he is an excellent big brother!
Lauren is doing great. She is growing like a weed! She will be 2 next month! She is doing great with her therapy. She is showing improvements all the time. She takes great naps for me! She usually sleeps about 3 hours in the afternoon! I can't complain! Her 2 year molars are coming in, so she has been a little crabby lately. She likes to scream, so we are working on that one right now. She has mosquito bites all over her (she must have sweet blood) and started picking at them. We had to put band-aids over them so that she would leave them alone. She then walks around all day pointing to the band-aid and saying "owie." She talks like crazy. It is really fun to be able to understand what she is trying to say now. She is such a good eater! She loves most fruits and veggies. She is a great little girl!

Ethan is three months old now! I can't believe how fast time has flown by! He is still my little chubby baby! I LOVE it! He weighs a whopping 15 lbs. already! We don't go to the doctor until next month for his official stats. He is growing like a weed! He doesn't want to just sit in his swing anymore. He wants to play with toys or be entertained! He really likes his bumbo seat (he can see what Dylan and Lauren are doing). He is a great baby! He sleeps 10 hours at night and most days he will take a 3+ hour nap! I am a very blessed mommy!

Well, the kids are starting to wake up! I gotta get back to mommy mode! I'll leave you with some of the reasons why I love being a mom! These moments make it all worth it!
Man I love these kids!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Garage sale

I ventured to the store for the first time with 3 kids today! It was pretty good other than the occasional hitting. (By both Lauren and Dylan) Gotta love the sibling rivalry! They had a cart that holds 2 older kids on seats, and Ethan was in the basket part. I didn't have much room for groceries, but that's ok. I only needed milk. As long as the kids are fed, I think I can do it again! I used to go to the store all the time with the kids, but having 3 can make it a lot more difficult!

We had the garage sale on Saturday. It was ok, but we still have a ton of stuff left. I have a load to take to goodwill, and then I'm listing some things on Craigslist. I hope to get rid of it soon so I can park my van in the garage again! It was fun visiting with my friend Stephanie and my mom, thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it! Funny story: One of the toys didn't sell, so Dylan wanted to keep it. I took the sticker off the toy and put it on his shirt. He looked at me funny and said, "Mom, you can't sell me at the garage sale!" I couldn't help but laugh!

I got an I-phone last week. I absolutely LOVE it! If only I could blog on it, I would be set! I think it's funny how Dylan knows how to do everything on it! He's only 4! Lauren even knows how to unlock it! Kids and electronics!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ricky had a meeting in Chicago yesterday, so we took the weekend off and headed up there with him. It was so nice and relaxing! (I know, Chicago and relaxing usually don't go in the same sentence!) We spent Sunday with my good friend, Bobette and her family. We had a cookout and then just hung out for the day! It was so nice to catch up with them! Thanks for having us! Then Monday morning, Ricky had a meeting. The kids and I hung out at the hotel until he got done. Then we headed over to Portillo's for lunch. Yummy Chicago dogs! And then to IKEA! Yeah! I love that store, and even more-so when Ricky lets me have some fun! I didn't go crazy this time, but I had so much fun looking at everything! I already put the toy chest together this morning! After IKEA, we headed to a park to let the kids play before the long drive home. We ordered a pizza from Giordano's for the ride home, too! Their pizza is the best! We had so much fun and everyone was in a good mood! Yeah! I guess this was Ethan's first mini-vacation, and I didn't take any pictures. What's wrong with me? I was too relaxed and having too much fun!The kids didn't sleep very well while we were gone, but made up for it today! Lauren slept until noon! And they went to bed at 9 last night! Great for me, too!

Now, I have to get ready for the garage sale on Saturday! I love having a garage sale! If you are in town, stop by and see if you need anything! Other than that, we are having a great summer! Dylan is enjoying our new trampoline with his friends, Lauren enjoys it by herself, and Ethan just loves his swing!
Some random things that I just remembered and wanted to post:
Our fish finally died last week. He was a 9 cent goldfish from Walmart that Dylan got for going #2 in the potty almost 2 years ago! I couldn't believe that he survived that long! We would be gone for 3 days, and he was fine! I guess he was just strong willed! Dylan got to flush him down the toilet, and he thought it was pretty cool!

Dylan finally got his bike fixed. He loves to ride it all the time. He is getting so big!I thought this picture was really cute!
Dylan has also really enjoyed squirt guns this summer. He asks for them all the time! We started doing a play date swap and it is so nice. Dylan enjoys playing with his friend, Byron, and then I get some time to get things done without him needing something to do! We got the baby pool blown up for the kids to enjoy last week, too! Lauren was the only one to stay in it! She loves the water! She just splashed away while Dylan would run through it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ethan's 2 month

Last Thursday Ethan had his 2 month check up. He is getting so big! Here are his stats:
Height: 22 3/4 inches 50th percentile
Weight: 13 lbs. 0 oz. 75th percentile
Head Circumference: 41 cm. 75th percentile
He is definitely my big boy! Lots heavier than my other two kids, and shorter! I think it's really cute, though. I love having a little chubby boy!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a wonderful Memorial day weekend. My parents came up on Sunday and stayed Monday, and then Ricky's parents came over on Monday night. We wanted to get the swing set put together, but the stupid company didn't include any of the hardware. (This is the second time we had this problem. Once with the tower, and once with the swing beam.) It has become a bigger hassle than it's worth. So, we have the tower set up in the back yard, but still no swings. My dad and Ricky spent all morning putting it together. Thanks boys! Mom and I went to the store and got some flowers. We got them planted just before it started pouring down rain! They look so good, but I have a few more to finish. I spent the last week outside weeding the flower bed, so now I get to enjoy the beautiful flowers! We also got a trampoline with a safety net this weekend! Yeah! It has been so much fun already! We love it! It only took a long time to set up, but totally worth it! Thanks everyone for your help!