Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Pictures

My good friend Jessica took our family pictures again this year. She did an awesome job and I love all of them! The kids did a great job and I didn't even have to bribe them with sweets. It's so hard to believe how big the kids are getting. Our family is not so little anymore!

This one turned out way cute.

 Here is our happy family!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Craft show

November 3rd, my friend and I had a booth at the St. James Craft Fair. This was my first time ever selling anything at a craft show. I had a great time, but didn't sell as much as I expected to. Oh well! If anyone needs any hair bows or headbands, let me know! My friend is responsible for all of the wonderful decorations! It looked so good! Thanks!

Corn maze

With Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year, the corn maze was open after Halloween. We went on November 1st and were the only ones there! It was awesome! They drove us over in the tractor, which Ethan loved!
The kids had so much fun! It was kind-of cold outside, but the kids didn't mind at all!
After we finished the corn maze, we rode the tractor back to the main area where they had a hay pile to climb,
fun buggies to ride,
a hay maze to crawl through (they had to use the flashlights on our phones as it was getting pretty dark at this point!),
duck races in water, a teeter totter, and tractors to ride. It was so much fun to do everything without waiting! We will definately be going back next year, as this is Dylan's favorite thing to do in the fall!

November 1st

 One of my traditions is to take a picture the morning after Halloween with the kids and all their candy. Dylan had school, so we did his after school. I love their faces!


The night before Halloween, we finally got the pumpkins carved! The other 2 didn't quite get finished. Maybe next year! We seemed to have a very busy fall season this year. The kids all helped get them started, which was the fun part!

Dylan picked out this cool bat.
Then on Halloween morning, Lauren got to dress up for school. They had a little Halloween party and she had so much fun. She dressed up as Cinderella, and she was beautiful!
We tried to get going after Dylan got home from school, but that just didn't happen. I finally got the kids dressed, and we went trick or treating around the neighborhood. I let Dylan pick this year, and he wanted to walk around the neighborhood. It is easier than driving somewhere and the kids still had fun.  Here is Nemo, Luke Skywalker, and Cinderella.
Everyone loved Ethan's costume. He was adorable and his little tail went back and forth as he walked.

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!