Thursday, January 28, 2010


No pictures today, nothing exciting has been going on around here lately. Ricky has been working at a new office an hour away and has been gone a TON this week. He leaves early in the morning and doesn't get home until the kids are already in bed. I haven't been as stressed as I thought I would be, so that's good. I think Dylan is missing his daddy wrestling time a lot. He has so much energy and I can't keep up with him. Lauren's eye teeth are coming in, so she has been really clingy and fussy. Oh, the joys of motherhood! I went to the doctor this week and everything is going well. Still on track for the end of March. I've been really excited about some great deals I've gotten at the store recently. I didn't take any pictures, or I'd show you. I got a ton of stuff for free last week and this week I got some cheap things. My freezer is getting full and I really enjoy having the storage of food. I've been planning some meals for when the baby comes (or when I really don't feel like cooking). Either way, I'm prepared! Ricky is supposed to have the weekend off, which never happens, so I'm really excited! And, that's about all!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

18 Months old

Lauren turned 18 months old on the 14th! I can hardly believe it! Here are her stats:
Height: 33 5/8 inches
Weight: 23 lbs. 9 oz.
Head Circumference: 47.8 cm.

My friend Jaime took some great pictures for me. Thanks a ton! Now I just have to pick some out and order them! She is doing great with her physical therapist and walking. She will stand up if you tell her to, which is a big step for her! She still uses her walker and Dylan's dump truck to get around the house. She is so funny. She will walk with her walker, but not by herself. She is starting to get brave and take off by herself. I have caught her a few times just walk because she wanted to, and not because we tell her to. Hopefully it won't be much longer before she gets the courage to walk all the time! She started nursery at our church last week. She was great! Didn't cry at all! My little girl is all grown up. It makes me sad, but happy that she is so good! Now only if I could get her to pose for a few cute pictures we would all be happy! Here is the tu-tu that I made her for Christmas. She doesn't seem to like it yet. It's only a matter of time before she won't take it off! I love all of the pictures, which one do you like best?

Busy week

Time is flying by so fast! I have a really hard time sitting at the computer for long periods, so my blog has been neglected lately. Sorry! I'm lucky if I get on long enough to check my e-mail! I am almost 32 weeks along and the baby is pushing everything up into my ribs. Everything is going great, other than the pressure on my ribs and the back aches. The baby is moving all the time and getting bigger (I know this because my belly is getting bigger!). I must be getting somewhat close, because I am getting the constant nagging of myself to get things done! (The nesting phase) I have been making lists and stocking up on some great deals to keep things going when I have the baby.

We had a busy, but great week. Monday, we went to the Melting Pot in Indy with my parents. We had a gift certificate that we needed to use and my mom wanted to go, so we made it happen. It was amazing! The dessert was definitely worth it! I was thinking about ordering another one, but I was so full from everything! I would recommend going there if you've never been! It's a bit pricey, but great food! Then on Thursday, we headed back to Indy for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. They had a Happy Hour special performance, so tickets were cheaper than normal. It was really good and nice to get out before the baby comes and life gets more chaotic! My sister watched the kids and they had a blast! Thanks! I think we will be planning on staying closer to home for the next couple of weeks. I also taught school for Dylan this week. There are only 4 kids this semester, so it is way easier and more fun for the kiddos! Let's just say I'm glad this week is over! I don't know how much longer I can fit all of these activities into our schedule and keep everyone happy!

Here is Dylan with his classmates. There are 3 girls and they all wanted to play with the toolbench! How cute!
We learned about colors this week, so the kids made colored frosting for cupcakes. Lauren thought she was clever and pushed a chair over to "test" the colored frosting. She is going to be my climber! And then the always cute sleeping picture. I just love the sleeping pictures!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

To grandmother's house we go!

Last weekend, we decided last minute to go visit my grandparents for the weekend. Ricky had to work, so I figured, why not! My sister and her boys were there, so the cousins got to play all weekend! They were being so cute in the morning. I absolutely love this picture of them! Lauren was bonding with Great Grandma Weena (as the kids call her). Here are all the great grandkids on my mom's side of the family. There are 8 and the oldest is 7. Next Christmas, there will be 10! Crazy house here we come! The kids did great playing together and we didn't have any problems with them! Good job kids!Grandma found another use for a tu-tu!
Last week, we went to Ricky's parent's house to visit with Melissa and the kids. The cousins had fun playing together and sure do miss them. Lauren decided that she finally wanted to stand up by herself. Yeah! She will do it all the time, now, but she still crawls. She will walk sometimes if we start her and has even walked across the room by herself. We are making progress, slowly!Ricky and Dylan love cuddling and wrestling. They have been enjoying their time together these past weeks. Silly cousins!We are going to miss seeing all of the family, but have really enjoyed every minute spent with them. I will try to get back into the swing of things soon as Dylan and Ricky are starting back at school and life should get back to a somewhat normal routine (until March that is!)

Happy 2010!

I know it's been a while since I last posted, so I'll try to catch you up with photos of the past few weeks. I have been really busy keeping up with 2 kids (and trying to keep them occupied!) and managing our house! I know it's a tough job, but someone has to do it! This month is flying by so fast.
Lauren is sick again. She has a little fluid in her lungs and was wheezing, so they have her on an inhaler to try to clear her lungs. She has been coughing a ton the past few days. It seems like she just keeps getting sick all the time.
Dylan is full of energy, so I try to keep things going for him. Today, we went to the Build and Grow workshop at Lowe's. He loved it and got to make a little coin bank. So, here goes:

Christmas Eve we put reindeer food outside so that Santa's reindeer would know to stop at our house. It was really cute and the kids enjoyed it.
Christmas morning, we spent at our house with the kids. It was really nice and relaxing. The kids enjoyed opening their stockings and presents. Here is Lauren in her cute tu-tu that I made. I think it turned out really good. I found a little wand to go with it. She is going to be a little girly-girl!
Around noon, we headed over to Ricky's parent's house. Ricky's brother Kris and his family and Jared were there, too. Here are the grandkids that were there at the time (Lauren, Dylan and Alex).
Trying to get a good family picture can be hard! Especially with two excited and tired kids! This one is my favorite!On Saturday, my parents came up here to celebrate Christmas. Dylan was so excited about the snow (probably because he just got new snow boots), so my dad took the boys outside to play. They had a blast!
Dad taught them how to make snow balls and throw them at the window (Thanks dad!) and how to make snow angels.
Dylan was loving every minute of it!Here are the grandparents and grandkids on my side of the family. (I think Dylan was sick of getting his picture taken at this point.)
Me and my sweetie!Here is a picture of the chaos! It was well worth it and we had a wonderful Christmas with everyone!