Tuesday, December 10, 2013

November funtimes

Here is my tradition picture of the kids with their Halloween loot! They had a great Halloween!
November 12th, it snowed and the kids LOVED it! They were really sad they didn't get to stay home and play all day! Most of the snow melted, but luckily the trampoline was shaded enough to keep some snow for the big kids! They had a blast and played outside until they were soaking wet!
 Ethan had a blast walking over to the neighbors for a playdate!
My grandpa passed away last year, but we weren't able to bury him until this year. We made the drive to Mohomet, Illinois for a burial service and luncheon with everyone. It was a special day. We miss him everyday.
We got the whole family together for a picture. Fun times!
And then there's us!
Dylan had a field trip to 4 different places on November 6th. They were studying economics and learned about how the businesses run. We first went to Clay Critters where they make magnets in all different animals and things. The kids got to pick one to take home after they toured the facility.
The second stop was Montical's pizza for lunch. After lunch, we headed to the downtown public Library for a tour. It was neat to see the behind the scenes of the library. The final stop was Dylan's favorite, Urban Swirl Frozen yogurt. It was very good and the kids loved it!
Here is my big boy! Growing up way too fast!
Lauren was so excited to hold the girls! (her cousins)
Ethan won't take naps very easy anymore, but he will fall asleep anywhere if he's really tired. I just love the sleeping pictures!

October catch-up

I guess October went by so fast because we had to adjust back to normal life after our wonderful vacation. It was totally worth it! I've been enjoying spending time with all my kids more as I'm not babysitting as often. It's been really nice. Here are the updates with pictures in no specific order. 

We went to a pumpkin patch for playgroup. It was really cold, but the kids didn't care. Ethan with his best friend, Jack. They loved the pumpkin people.
My little man!

Ethan and I met my parents and brother at the Covered Bridge Festival while the other kids were at school. It was so nice outside and we had fun until I got stung by a bee on the tip of my finger. Ouch! This was my first ever bee sting and I can now say that I am not allergic and I don't ever want to get stung again!
The kids made a tower fort with block.
I got to help out with Dylan's class party. They made these really cute Owl cupcakes. I still can't believe that he's in 2nd grade!
Ricky had to work the Saturday before Halloween and Dylan hadn't been to a pumpkin patch, so we headed over to Exploration Acres for the day. It was fun times for the kids. They didn't want to go home!
Playing in the hay pile.
Riding on the tractor (Ethan's favorite part of the day).
The corn maze was fun, but too long for these kiddos. Glad I had some fruit snacks to get them through to the end!
 Riding on the tire horses.
My sister-in-law had twins in September and I am taking every chance I get to see them (and of course hold them too!). They are precious and growing too fast.
Lauren asked me to come eat lunch with her at school, so I did. And then she talked me into going outside for recess with her. It was such a fun day and I got to see her play with all of her friends. We even played Duck, Duck, Goose!

Halloween Day: Dylan as Luke Skywalker, Ethan as a Fireman
Lauren as a Bride! She was beautiful!
I got to go to the Pumpkin Patch with Lauren's class for their field trip. It was such a nice day and it was really fun to spend some time with Lauren and her classmates.
Some of Lauren's friends.
Love my little girl!
Trick or treating downtown Lafayette. Dylan insisted that he wanted to be a box this year. He loved it until he had to walk around in it. Not so fun anymore. He decided to go around the neighborhood as Luke Skywalker instead. Lauren wanted to be Tinkerbell and Ethan was a Fireman. He loved the costume so much that he wore it almost every day for 2 weeks!
What a busy, yet fun month! Now to finish November!