Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Our family is growing. Look how cute we are outside of our house. Did you notice the pretty flowers behind us? This past weekend my sister had a little baby shower for me and Lauren. It was really nice to have all of my family here to see our new house and Lauren. My aunt and cousins were able to make it over here from Illinois, along with all of my family. And since everyone was already here, we did Lauren's blessing at church on Sunday. My mom made the cutest dress ever for Lauren. Thanks mom! I really love it!

Dylan with his cousins Brayden and Landen by the lake outside. Dylan really loves his cousins. Brayden, Madeline (my cousin's little girl) and Dylan walking back to our house. They fed the fish and ducks in the pond. Dylan would be out there everyday if we let him!

My family all came for Lauren's blessing.
Look at how our family is growing!

Dylan was being really cute in the tree! I still can't believe how big he has gotten! I guess part of that is comparing him to Lauren.My precious little girl!

We took some pictures of Lauren with her pretty blessing dress. Here are some of the best ones.

I think she looks a lot like Dylan in these pictures! She is growing each and every day. Thanks to everyone for helping us out. We really appreciate it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

August already?!?!

Lauren sleeping on my lap. She seems to sleep best if someone is holding her!
Such a sweet little girl!
Can you tell she loved her first bath?!?!
Big yawns!
My little baby is sitting up already! J/K I can't believe she is already 3 weeks old! Time sure does fly! Once thing settle down, I will post more pics. Dylan got a cold and started weezing this morning. I really hope Lauren doesn't get it! We are trying to get some sleep as Lauren changed her schedule to being awake at night. Hope everyone is doing well!