Tuesday, February 27, 2007


As you can see, Dylan is getting braver and taking steps towards walking! He is trusting himself and letting go of the couch, walking to the toy that he wants! We are really enjoying this phase of his life, as he is learning new things and exploring everything! We just bought a baby gate to keep Dylan out of the kitchen! Since we are moving in May, we figured it would be easier than putting in the cabinet latches.

Dylan loves to play with other children! Faith, Adam and Mary's little girl, came to visit us and Dylan had a great day! She is 18 months and walking all over the place, so Dylan had to join in! She didn't like the closeness that Dylan thought he needed! He also used her to keep his balance!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Snow days!

Last week we got hit with the blizzard of 2007! We got 17 inches of snow on top of the 3-4 inches we already had! Then this weekend, we got about 2 more inches! Luckily the weather is starting to warm up, and the snow is melting. The weather is crazy around here! Last week it was below 0 degrees and this week it is supposed to get up to 50 degrees! That's crazy! The best part was that Ricky got to spend Valentine's Day with the family! Purdue was cancelled for the first time since 1994, and his work was closed! It was nice and relaxing to have him home for almost 2 days!

This first picture was taken right outside our front door! Can you believe that's a car under him! There was a huge snow drift and we could only open the door about 12 inches! Then you had to step up on the snow drift to get anywhere! As you can see in the second picture, Ricky was walking on the snow drift and was taller than the front door! We were definately glad to have our snow boots this year!

We have been keeping busy with our fun toys this winter as we have been stuck at home from the snow! Dylan loves to play with his Christmas present from his friends Gavin and Cameron. He usually opens it up and throws all the toys out of it and then just opens and closes it. It's amazing how he learns by just watching me do something once! The other day, he decided to climb into it, so I had to grab the camera!

Dylan is getting ready to walk! He will take a few steps toward me or Ricky, but I think he is a little hesitant. I bet he will be off by his first birthday! He has two of his one year molars in already and the other two will be following shortly! I will be glad when they are all the way in!

Today was Free Pancakes at IHOP, so Ricky, Dylan and I woke up early to take advantage of them! Ricky had to work today, so breakfast was the only time we could go! It was nice to spend time together as a family! I really do love my family!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I know, I know! I haven't been very good about posting information about what's going on in our lives! I am trying to work on that this year! Sorry for those of you that have been checking it often! I am going to try to post a message at least once a week! We have been keeping really busy in our household! Sharing one car can be kinda hectic! Especially when there is a lot of snow outside and it's below 0 degrees! There are some days that Dylan and I just stay at home because I don't feel like braving the cold! When we do go out, Dylan has to get all bundled up and he looks so cute!

He is such a good little boy! He loves to play with other children! Especially his cousins! We have to watch him closely around Landen as he enjoys poking his face! Brayden likes to rough house with him, and Dylan just laughs at him! They are all such cute little kids!

They got matching pjs for Christmas this year. We tried to get a picture of them on Christmas Eve when they were all wearing them, but they have alternating sleep patterns and we had to get ready for church!

Thanks to uncle Jarod for the cool Colts outfit! I got to wear it for the Superbowl and help the Colts win!! I will have to get a different football to play with because I bit through this one!

We have such a good time playing together! I am so greatful for a wonderful husband who supports me staying at home to raise Dylan! I couldn't be happier! I can't believe that Dylan will be a year old in one month!!! It's crazy that time has gone by so fast!