Monday, June 10, 2013

Orchard fun

On Tuesday for playgroup, we went to Wea Creek Apple Orchard. They took us on a tractor ride around the orchard. The kids loved it! It was a beautiful day, perfect for all of the fun activities!

 After the tractor ride, we got to explore around the orchard. They do a lot of weddings there, so it was really pretty. Some of the kids from the tour got together for a photo!
 They were too excited to look up!
 I got a good shot of the kids!
 Ethan was loving the tractor, especially when they let him sit in the drivers' seat!
 The apples are too small right now, but it was still a great time for the kids. We will definitely be going back there to get some apples and peaches later this summer.
 On Friday, I took the kids to Annie's Orchard to pick strawberries. It was nice and cool in the morning, so we didn't get too itchy. (I get hives from the strawberry leaves.) Ethan enjoyed eating them while Lauren just wanted a lot in her basket. Too cute!
 Dylan was my big helper. He picked about 4 pounds by himself! Great job!
 Saturday, we went to cousin Keegan's 3rd Birthday party! The kids had a blast playing in the water and only stopped to eat or go potty. It was a gorgeous day! It's always fun to spend the day hanging out with family!
 Look at those cute little boys! (They are 3 months apart.)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

June already?

May went by too fast! Here is what we have been up to lately:
Tuesday the 21st, we had a fire-station tour for playgroup. It was great for the kids to see firemen up close and with their full gear on. Ethan and Jack were so cute. They held hands for most of the day! They really are close and it is going to be so hard when they leave.

 The whole group of kids.
 The best buds, Ethan and Jack.

Thursday after art class, I got to help out with Dylan's class at school. My friend and I traded babysitting so we could each go. It is always nice to help out at school and I really enjoyed seeing Dylan with all of his friends.
Friday was Ricky's day off, so I got to help out again with Field Day at school. The kids love it and this year it was actually cooler outside. Dylan had a great time and then after it was over, he asked me to stay for lunch. I haven't been able to come for lunch, so this was a nice treat for us. This was also the last day of school for the year. We made some special treats for his teachers. He was so excited to hand them out! 
  The kids loved playing tug of war. Too bad it wasn't more evenly matched, we had to add the principal and teachers! We finally won one! 
 Dylan and Mrs. Younts on his last day of First Grade!
 We dog-sat for my sister the whole week, too. Lexi was a cutie, but chewed up everything!
 All four of my little ones swinging on a beautiful spring day!
  Saturday, we thought it would be fun to visit the Children's Museum in Indy one last time before our membership ran out. We stayed for the parade at the end of the day and the kids loved it.

 Dylan woke up Saturday night saying that he couldn't breath very well. He was coughing and struggling. We went to an allergy doctor on Tuesday and found out that Dylan is allergic to dogs and basically everything outside. On top of that, he has asthma. Fun times! Luckily we took the dog back to my sister as I'm pretty sure that he was having trouble breathing from having the dog in the house all week. We are getting the hang of using an inhaler. He is such a trooper and I'm so glad that we finally know why he has been coughing so much at night.

For Memorial day, we went to a friend's house for a cookout. They have a pool in the back yard, but I thought it was too cold (High of only 68) so I didn't even bring the kids swim stuff. They saw the other kids in the pool and wanted in, so I went home to get their stuff. My kids were in the pool from 3 to about 6! They loved it so much! Ricky and I got to play some games with the other parents' so it was a great day for everyone! 

This past weekend, we had our garage sale. The kids really got into it and loved helping out. Dylan even filled a box with toys we could get rid of! We had a great time and sold tons of clothes and stuff. Dylan made some extra money selling donuts and drinks. He was so excited that he woke up early both days to go get donuts from the store. Gotta love it! 

I guess we are ready for the month of June and summer! I am looking forward to enjoying the summer with my kids, hopefully we don't go crazy and have some great memories.

Crystal's wedding

My sister, Crystal, got married on May 18th. It was a wonderful weekend of celebrations! Lauren was the flower girl and I was a bridesmaid, so we went down to Shelbyville for the rehearsal on Friday. Ricky and the boys stayed here for Dylan's soccer game Friday night and just came down for the wedding. We all stayed up chatting and getting last minute things done on Friday night. It was so much fun! Laura, my cousin, helped me make the headbands and sew on the blue ribbon sash around my dress. We had a busy day on Saturday! We all got our hair and nails done, so much fun!
 Lauren and Jazlynn were so cute with their curly hair!
 We headed over to the church to finish getting ready. (It was a 50 minute drive, fun times!) The photographer was taking some pictures before the wedding, so I snuck a few in, too. 
Crystal with my parents.
 Crystal and her kids!
 Me and my sis!
 Lauren did great at dropping the flowers. She was so cute!
 The wedding was beautiful! Everything went very smoothly and the rain held off until after the reception started. The reception was very nice, too! The whole day turned out to be perfect for everyone! We had a wonderful time celebrating this wonderful day with Crystal and Justin!
What cuties!
The beautiful couple!

After the reception, we headed over to the hotel for the night. The pool was closed, but my mom talked them into letting us swim for a little bit. Ricky headed home with Ethan and the other two stayed with me and my mom at the hotel. Sunday, we watched the happy couple open gifts and then we headed out to Brayden's baseball game. He is really good and is on a traveling league. It was such a great weekend of celebrating!