Thursday, September 25, 2008

Indy Zoo

I met my friend Mandy and her little boy Hunter at the Indy Zoo last week. It was a ton of fun and perfect weather! I had to go down there to make my Christmas cards, so we made a fun trip out of it! Dylan got to feed the giraffes. He had so much fun!

Here is Mandy and Hunter. He fed the giraffes, too!
The zebras posed for this picture! And Dylan's favorite animal! They were all out and he was so excited!

Lauren did so well! She only blew out one diaper while we were on the train! Good thing the train wasn't going that fast so I could change her diaper!
I think he carried this bag of pretzels around all day! He did such a good job of walking! He didn't want to sit in the stroller (good thing, because I only had the one for Lauren)!
He really enjoyed talking to the meerkats! They are fun to play with!
They were starting to get tired at this point (if you can't tell by their faces!) Still cute though!

Here is our little group. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed spending time with my best friend, Mandy!

Pumpkin Patch

For our weekly playgroup last week, we went to the pumpkin patch. The kids had so much fun!
The group of kids!

Dylan and Elsie with a giant pumpkin!

Most of the group.(Some were still in the bouncy castle)
Me and the kids.

Dylan wanted to get a pic of the cow. Holding 2 kids at once is lots of fun! We had a wonderful time and plan on going back on a Saturday to ride the hay ride with Ricky. Fall is so much fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2 Months already?!?

Lauren had her 2 month check up today. Here are her stats:
Weight: 11 lbs. 3 oz. (50th percentile)
Height: 23 3/4 inches (90th percentile)
Head Circumference: 38 1/2 cm. (50th percentile)
She is following in Dylan's footsteps for height. Dylan was always the same percentile for weight and height, but had a bigger head circumference. I can't believe that she already weighs over 11 pounds! Ricky was telling me the other day that she was 12 pounds, and I said that she was only about 9. I guess he was right! (See Ricky, I can admit that you are sometimes right!) She is growing so fast! I love this smiling stage. We tried to get some pictures of her smiling and wound up with over 100 pictures on our camera! Speaking of cameras, I absolutely love my new camera. You can totally tell the difference of a good camera by the pictures. They are so much clearer! Here are the best pictures that we took over the past week.

And I couldn't leave Dylan out! He loves to look at the pictures and take them, too! He is getting really funny. Some of his sayings are hilarious! He is just like his dad! Ricky taught him to say "Oh, come on!" and "Are you kidding me?" If you ask him if he wants to do something, he will usually reply "Um, not today. Maybe later." It is really cute, just like him! He is so good with Lauren! He asks to hold her and he always wants to give her a kiss.

Things are getting a little easier around here. I am starting to figure out when I have time to do things and when I have to sit down to feed Lauren. Breastfeeding is still hurting, but what can you do. We are all healthy again and going to get our flu shots next month. I don't want to go through the sicknesses again! Hope everyone is doing well! I love hearing your comments!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sick days

I don't think I have gotten very many good pics of Dylan recently. The poor guy has been going through it all! Last month he started wheezing, so we took him to the doctor.They took chest x-rays and said that he had some substance in his bronchial tubes. They put him on an antibiotic, an inhaler, and a steroid to clear it all up. Then we had to go back for a 2 week check up. He still had the runny nose and was coughing some, so they put him on another antibiotic to make sure it wasn't a sinus infection. Then on Sunday, he started complaining about his ear hurting. After being up all night, we took him to the doctor again on Monday. He had an ear infection that had a hole in it. We started him on ear drops, but they weren't doing anything for him. On Thursday, we took him back and they gave him an oral antibiotic. He absolutely hates the taste of this one, but it is working 100 times better than the drops. While he was sick he would come up to me and say, "I hold you" meaning that he wanted me to hold him. Half of the time I was feeding Lauren, so I couldn't hold him. Poor Dylan. He would then say, "set her down" until I was finished or he was entertained by a movie. It's sometimes hard when you have two needy children, but I still love them! Throughout it all, I got this good shot of him smiling! Here is Dylan with Grandma. He loves spending time with his grandmas. My mom came up to watch the kids so Ricky and I could go on a date! We went to dinner at Olive Garden. It seemed like their prices have gone up, or else it has just been that long since I have gone to a nicer restaurant. Oh well! We had a great time and look forward to doing it again soon! Thanks mom!
And here is a cute picture of daddy's little princess! She has grown out of her newborn clothes already! How sad. She started smiling at us, without being gassy, and started cooing. I just love this phase! I have a ton of pictures of her on the camera, so I'll have to figure out how to work the new camera on our computer!

Here are the first few pictures from our new camera. I think they are WAY better than the old camera. It's amazing how the camera can make all the difference! Until next time!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cousins and more

Where to begin... I will just say that life is beginning to settle down a little bit. Lauren has slept for 7 hours the last 2 nights, so we'll see if this is just a phase or real. I can't believe that she is almost 2 months old! Time sure does fly by!I'll just explain each picture to let you know some of the stuff we have been doing.
At playgroup, they had a water day. Dylan suprised me with LOVING the slip and slide. He would scoot his way down to the puddle at the end and then do it again! We really enjoy getting to know people in our new ward at playgroup.
This is how Lauren spend the water day! Such a little cutie!
Dylan and cousin Noah at the Columbian park Zoo. Dylan loves his cousins and seeing the animals.
Can you believe that Grandma picked up the chicken?Aunt Melissa didn't think it was as cool as Grandma did!

Dylan and Lily playing in the water. Kids will be kids! I don't think we can go there without coming home drenched! We really enjoyed spending time with Melissa and the kids while they were here visiting.
Cousin Brayden, Dylan and Grandma at the State Fair. Dylan was so excited to ride on the elephant! He talked about it for days! Thanks Grandma! We had a wonderful time at the State Fair. The food was the best part! (and seeing my family!)And now on to the cutest little girl I know! (I am partial because I'm her mother!) She started smiling a little. Dylan can make her grin the best! It's really cute! I will try to get a video of it and post it. (Maybe sometime before she turns 1) I was playing with my old camera and this was one of the shots. I will be happily posting some good pictures with my new camera soon!
And these two pictures are some from her birth announcement that will be going out sometime this weekend. I know, I know. I'm not on the ball with this one! I won't even tell you how much is filled out in her baby book! Well, I need to get some sleep while the kids are sleeping! Check back soon and I will try to do my weekly postings again!