Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Catch up, first! On February 1st, we met up with some friends at the Lafayette Symphony for the Lollipop concert. They do this program just for kids and they even have a 'Petting zoo of instruments' before the show. I thought the kids would just be able to look at the instruments, but they got to play them! It was so neat! I only got a few pictures, because it was very busy.
Dylan on the clarinet.
Ethan on the violin.
Lauren on the cello.
Thanks to our wonderful friends for inviting us and showing us a great time! The kids loved it!
Ethan LOVES his trains! He gets down on the floor and just lays by them to push them around. He is growing up way too fast! Love him!

 Lauren has been enjoying dance class. They are working on their routine for the recital in April! How fun!

 Tuesday, we had a little Valentine's party at the church for moms and tots. I made these really cool heart pops for all the moms to enjoy. They turned out way cuter than I expected!
Ethan woke up with a croupy cough on Wednesday. He spend a good portion of the day like this. Poor little guy!

What a day we had on Thursday! I love Valentine's Day, it's just fun to show those you love how much you love them. It's not all about the presents, just the love! Ricky was so sweet and offered to let me sleep in. Too bad I still had to babysit all day.  He made breakfast of heart shaped red pancakes. The kids loved them! We spent the day just relaxing around the house and eating the Godiva chocolates I got for Ricky. It was so fun. Dylan got to take Valentine's to his friends at school. This year he picked them out and I have to say that I liked them a lot! Thanks to Pinterest for the awesome idea!
For dinner, we couldn't decide what to do, so we let the kids pick. Lauren wanted cereal, Ethan and Dylan wanted grilled cheese. I wanted Chinese, so Ricky was awesome and went to get some for me! I love him so much! I had a free Red-box rental and the only movie we hadn't seen was Hotel Transylvania, so we watched that! What a great Valentine's day movie! We got each of the kids a balloon and we had a picnic watching a movie! How fun! 
We got the kids in bed and Ricky and I caught up on our shows. As we walked up stairs to go to bed, I smelled something disgusting. We walked into Lauren's room to find her sleeping in her own throw up. Yuck! Happy Valentine's Day to us! Ricky washed her off in the tub while I cleaned up her room. Ricky was awesome again and stayed up with her and slept on the couch. LOVE HIM! Lauren is feeling better today, so we will keep our fingers crossed that no one else will be getting whatever she had.