Friday, January 17, 2014

Santa already?!?!?

Ethan got bumped in the cheek when we were at the gym playing at the end of November. Then Lauren opened the door into his face on the other cheek. He ended up with 2 black eyes for about a week. As soon as it started to heal, he got bumped in the same spot! We ended up taking him to the doctor to make sure he didn't break anything because there is a knot under the skin. The doctor said he is fine, it just might take a few months for the bruising to go away. Poor guy might have the dimple there forever. Here is my little bruiser with his homemade snowman from joyschool. He wanted to show it off before he ate it!

For playgroup on December 3rd, we went to McCord's candies where the kids got to make a candy cane. I had Catherine that day, too and they had so much fun!
I ended up getting 2 free tickets to see Max & Ruby: The Nutcracker suite in Indy on December 8th, so Lauren and I had a date! It was really cute and just the right length. If it was any longer, she wouldn't have lasted. She is really into being a ballerina, so this was a great way to see dancers in action. The boys ended up going sledding with my mom and then we all had dinner together.
She was way excited!
December 6th, we had our church Christmas party. The kids got to see Santa and I got to hear what they wanted for Christmas! It was a great night!
Dylan came home from school one night and said, "Mom I need to ask you something and I need you to tell me the truth. Is Santa real?" It was really hard to keep a straight face, but I explained to him that Santa is real. His friend doesn't believe in Santa and Santa doesn't stop at his house! I saved him for one more year! Yeah!

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